Hello friends!  I’d like to welcome you to my blog.  I have to be honest, I am new to this, but am committed to blogging several times a week.  One thing I know is I am passionate about writing and am looking forward to communicating with you.  My goal is to provide you with real value and meaningful information that you can apply to your own work and life.

I teach percussion at Clemson University and have just written a new book called Working Toward Excellence, which was inspired by students who fell short of what they were capable of.  This bothered me a great deal, and when something bothers me, I write about it.  I kept asking myself why.   Why were they unprepared?  Why were they apathetic?  How could they tolerate mediocrity?

I wanted to help them.  I wanted to motivate them.  I wanted to inspire them to be their best.  Working Toward Excellence is the result.