Darren:  And the fourth value you say is quality.  Describe the important aspects of this value for our journey to excellence.

Paul:  Quality is really about 4 things:

1.      How much pride we take in our work, and what are standards are for ourselves and for those we lead.

2.      Who we are and what we believe in.  It represents our performance level and what we stand for.    

3.      Developing confidence.  A quality performance is a confident performance.

4.      Being a professional and exploring the 3 Es: ethics, expertise, and excellence.

If we’re going to work toward excellence, we have to produce quality work along the way.  A good example is SUCCESS magazine – the people that are featured, the layout, the photos, the artwork, the paper, the CD audio quality, and using recent issues of SUCCESS in subscription cards – always keeping them up to date.