Darren:  Explain why you think consistency is something the majority of people tend to struggle with.

Paul: Well Darren, I think a lot of people struggle with consistency simply because they lack self-discipline.  Consistency is about having the self-discipline to do the right thing now, even though they may not see the results of that consistency until much later.  And it’s also about doing the right thing when they don’t feel like it.  This is when it’s especially important!  Human nature says when I don’t feel like doing something, I will procrastinate, and that leads to inconsistency.  That is the common thing to do – the common mindset.  What I’m suggesting is to be uncommon by developing an uncommon mindset.  Be consistent, even when you don’t feel like it.  Practice your craft.  Study for the exam.  Call your mother.  Drink more water.  Be consistent.   

As a leader, consistency is extremely important.  Being consistent as a leader gives your people security in knowing what they can expect from you.  This level of trust is important to them and helps create a culture of high performance.