I read a GREAT quote yesterday from one of the most successful authors today, James Patterson: “Thousands of people don’t like what I do.  Fortunately, millions do.”  My initial reaction to this quote was shock.  Is it really possible that thousands of people don’t like James Patterson’s writing?   The man cranks out books faster than anyone.  My wife reads all of them and can’t wait for the next new release.  But  as wide a net as he casts, there is bound to be people who are not fans of his writing.  Whenever you are in the public eye, there are going to be naysayers.  Whenever you are a LEADER, there are going to be critics.  You have to have a thick skin if you are in a position of influence.  What Patterson is saying is to not try to make everyone happy.  Some folks are not going to be your fans, and that’s OK.  The reason he is so successful is because of the ratio of people who love him to the people who don’t.  Millions to thousands.

I hope I can reach millions of people with my new book, Working Toward Excellence.  I hope I can inspire people to reach their full potential, become the best of which they are capable, and develop an low tolerance for mediocrity.  My brother Jason just finished reading my book and apparently said, “I wish it didn’t end.”  What a great compliment!  That means a lot since Jason is also an author, writing Inside the Audition Room, and excellent book on winning the audition and marketing the actor in an incredibly competitive industry.

I know I can’t make everyone happy, but that is not my goal.  I have a thick skin and believe that my book is very powerful and inspiring.  It will cause you to think about what you have accomplished in your life and what you could (or should) have accomplished.  My dad also just finished reading it.  He said, “It should make everyone think about their own life and whether or not they are satisfied with what they have accomplished in life — or if there is more out there waiting for them.  The goal is different for everyone but the method of attainment should be similar given the methods you have outlined. ”

Some people won’t like what I do.   Fortunately, many others will.