Dr. Buyer has spoken to more than 1000 students and directors at over 20 venues including Clemson University, the University of Utah, the University of North Alabama, the University of Arizona, PASIC and the CBDNA Athletic Band Symposium since 2012

Speaking Testimonials


“Thank you to Paul Buyer for coming to do a leadership seminar with our leadership team! If you are looking for someone to engage and challenge your leadership team to do their best, I highly suggest reaching out to him!”

Spencer Nance, Director of Athletic Bands, Limestone University

“Paul is a dynamic speaker and seasoned presenter who is gifted at telling stories with a very authentic delivery. I believe what he’s saying. His students are lucky to learn from him and his audiences will appreciate his ability to entertain. Paul has a physical presence that appears confident and “athletic” which commands the room, and when you combine that with his effective use of storytelling, humor and gestures he has a powerful vehicle to transport content—content that ultimately inspires audiences, small and large.”

Vanessa Gallo, Business Manager & Executive Coach, Gallo Communications Group


“Paul Buyer’s presentation was miles beyond any clichéd treatment of how to achieve excellence. His methods are born of his real-life passion for the highest musical achievement among his students. His stories are fascinating and hugely illustrative of his clear and clean system for pursuing only the best. Anyone in any field will gain insights and inspiration from hearing him speak.”

Chip Egan, Dean Emeritus, College of AAH, Clemson University


“Paul did a wonderful job of dialing everything down to what you need to do on a day to day basis, and stressed that it needs to be every day. He explained the various steps [of working toward excellence] and my daughter and I had a chance later to discuss his presentation and she got it. That’s the most important thing is that she got it! Great talk for the incoming students and also to the parents.”

Blake Campbell, ACI Financial


“Dr. Buyer’s presentation was polished, dynamic, well-paced, and very convincing. So many students either settle for doing mediocre work or think their mediocre work deserves greater rewards than it’s worth. Students seem not to know the effort and passion that a high-quality performance involves. These are exactly the problems that Dr. Buyer’s book addresses directly, and the faculty was eager to hear his strategies for inspiring students to move beyond the mediocre and aim for excellence. I’ve already asked Dr. Buyer to make his presentation again this academic year.”

Linda Nilson, former Director, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, Clemson University


“Working Toward Excellence, a presentation by Dr. Paul Buyer, is an unforgettable, thought-provoking, stimulating and life-changing experience. For those seeking direction in attaining higher goals and developing their capabilities to the fullest, this seminar is invaluable. Paul Buyer exemplifies the clear principles and accessible strategies that enable each of us to be the best that we can. I have heard other motivational speakers and he is among the best. I even came home from my trip and completed a rather tedious and difficult task that I ordinarily would have quit half-way through. The satisfaction of a job well-done was all due to his presentation.”

Paula Kubik, Music Instructor, Grove City College

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