Welcome and I’m very excited to launch my new website! I first want to thank and recognize Whit Wagner at Liquid Propaganda for his world-class web design. I will do my best to post once a week and also keep my blogs short and packed with quality content. I highly value simplicity and hope to provide you with insights and ideas that will be both valuable and inspiring.

When something bothers me, I write about it. That’s my philosophy, so I try and tie together the common threads of being a percussionist, teacher, leader, writer, and speaker into one theme – excellence. At its core, its essence, everything I write is about excellence. I am fascinated with how others achieve excellence, whether in business, sports, education, or the arts. I have always been interested in continuous improvement, the process of getting better, and more recently mastery, specifically how elite performers and high achievers master their craft.

Here we go.