Darren:  The next value is going to bum some people out. It’s the one where they learn that they have to actually work. Talk to us about the value of EFFORT.

Paul:  Effort is about your work ethic and how hard you work, your self-discipline, your commitment, your focus, and your execution, which means finishing the job at a high level.  In other words, kicking the winning field goal, making the free throws when it counts, and sinking the ten foot putt. 

Effort has a lot to do with not only your physical effort, but your mental effort – visualization, imagery, and taking the time to mentally practice what it is you want to accomplish.  When you are talking about excellence, your mental skills are as important as your physical skills, if not more so. 

Think of Olympics athletes and their work ethic, self-discipline, commitment, and focus over the past several years as they worked toward excellence in London. 

Consider gymnastics, swimming, diving, weightlifting, or volleyball.  These elite athletes visualized their performance hundreds, if not thousands of times in their minds before they arrived in London. 

Visualization means practicing your performance in your mind.  It could be a presentation you have to give, a meeting you have to run, or an interview you have coming up.  It could even mean this interview!