Darren: There are 8 values you identify in Working Toward Excellence.  Talk to us about the first, which is HUNGER.  Define it and tell us “how to feed it” so to speak.

Paul: Hunger is about your desire, passion, drive, initiative, and how proactive and self-motivated you are.  Hunger is about wanting excellence, being willing to work for it, and being eager to do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goal.

One of my favorite quotes about hunger is by educator Marva Collins: “Success doesn’t come to you – you go get it.”      

As far as “how to feed it,” I think you first have to try and find something you are passionate about.  It is very challenging to work toward excellence if you are not passionate about what you are doing.  If you find yourself in a situation where passion is lacking, there’s a great quote from leadership expert John Maxwell that says, ACT YOUR WAY INTO FEELING, RATHER THAN FEEL YOUR WAY INTO ACTING.  What he is saying is to take action firstBy taking action first, you will create some momentum, and by creating momentum, you will start to feel hungry.  If you always wait until you “feel like it” before taking action, you may be waiting a long time.   

Darren: How do people find their passion? What advice would you give our listeners to help them find their passion?

I think you have to ask yourself some important questions such as, “What do I enjoy doing?” “What am I passionate about?” and “How can I make a difference in the lives of others?”  Passion is driven by meaning and significance, and often that means serving others.  What can you do in this world to serve others?  How can you add value?  For me, it’s teaching, leading, writing, and speaking.  As Steve Jobs said, “Make a ding in the universe.”