I am excited to be participating in Darren Hardy’s Insane Productivity program this summer!  Darren is the publisher of Success magazine and he has earned my trust and respect with his authentic communication and valuable content.  In his opening video, Darren asked me to answer three questions, which I am happy to share on my blog.  I wish all of you much growth, fulfillment, and great success this summer as well.


1.  WHY did I buy this program?

John C. Maxwell says, “Growth is not an automatic process.”  I have never forgotten that quote.  I bought this program to grow, to take myself to another level (and thus take my work and family to another level as a leader, teacher, educator, speaker, author, husband, and father), and to inspire myself to keep working toward excellence.

2.  What do you hope to LEARN?

I hope to learn strategies, philosophies, and secrets of success from the highest achievers in the world that I can apply with my students, colleagues, and family.

3.  What RESULTS do you hope this program will produce?

I hope that this program will provide me with more motivation, peace of mind, quality, and productivity.