How Students Really Feel About Your Leadership

According to hospitality expert and author Taylor Scott, “My hope for you and your organization is that everyone from your top performers to your up-and-comers begin to feel differently about you as their leader, and, in turn, more encouraged and inspired than ever to deliver their best work for your organization.”

This quote stopped me in my tracks as I began reading his new book, Lead with Hospitality. It talks about how we feel about the brands we respect, admire, and are loyal to – restaurants, hotels, airlines, businesses, and yes – leaders. It hit a nerve and made me question how my students actually feel about me as their leader, especially after such a challenging 2020. Did I do enough for them? Did I put them in the best position to succeed? Did I give them the courage and fortitude they needed during the pandemic?

Leadership is a journey we are all on, a never ending process, and a 24/7 responsibility. It is something I try to improve on every day with the goal of encouraging and inspiring my students to work toward excellence and “deliver their best work for [the] organization.”

What is your plan for leadership development, for yourself and your students? How will they come out of the gate? Will your culture be able to regain its traction? And how will you define success?