On Friday, November 30, I became a father as my wife April and I welcomed Jackson Kristopher Buyer to the family, our first child.  He was born at 8:56pm and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.

I want to tell you the story of the day Jackson was born, and the incredible leadership and teamwork we witnessed on that very special day.  My wife described the whole thing as a NASCAR pit stop.

It was evident that April was in labor when we started driving to the hospital.  Of course we ended up behind a moped, trucks, and the slowest drivers I’ve ever seen!   Once we arrived at the hospital, we got on the elevator and headed to the 6th floor – Labor and Delivery!  For some unknown reason, 3 people who saw we were in labor got on after us and pressed 2, 3, and 4!  We looked at them dumbfounded.  My wife simply said, “Really?”

When we arrived on the 6th floor April was experiencing incredible pain, and would have to wait 2 hours before she was given an epidural.  Our regular doctors were not working that day so we were told Dr. Rana would be delivering – someone we had never met before.  We were a little apprehenseive, but our nurse was Ashley Adams, April’s best friend from middle school, so her comfort level was high and we felt like we were in good hands.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan when Jackson’s heart rate and April’s blood pressure started to become a concern.  Within 5 minutes of Dr. Rana’s arrival to check on them, Jackson was in distress and a STAT C-section was ordered.  All I heard was, “We have to get this baby out now!”  Within seconds, April was rushed to the OR and I was thrown scrubs to put on.

The OR prep was unlike anything I have ever seen.  This is where the NASCAR analogy comes into play.

There were what seemed like 15-20 doctors, nurses, and NICU staff members moving very fast in the room, but in perfect harmony.  Communication was frequent and efficient and everyone seemed quick, but not hurried.  The teamwork was top-notch.  In less than 8 minutes, as I sat by April’s side, Jackson arrived.  I saw him from a distance being taken to the baby table.  A long 30 seconds later, his first cry was the greatest sound I have ever heard.

We were blessed to have Dr. Rana, Nurse Ashley, and the other excellent staff members there to look after Jackson.  Their leadership and teamwork were outstanding, and the care and concern they displayed toward our entire family was indescribeable.

We will never forget that magical day.